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Gotham Chemical Cleaning Supplies keeps your home and work spaces sparkling clean!

Gotham knows even the most cautious people can make a mess and even the tidiest of rooms always need a good wipe down. Gotham has all the strongest cleaning supplies you will need to turn a pigsty into a sparkling clean home or work space once again. From disinfectant sprays to all-purpose cleaners Gotham Chemical has a wide variety of cleaning supplies to tackle all the cleaning chores around your home and work areas. Ask about our janitorial supply service.


You know one of the most basic and essential cleaners to have in your arsenal is an all-purpose cleaner. These all around solutions that help dissolve dirt from surfaces like counter tops, shower walls and toilets. The best part about the all-purpose cleaners we offer, are how effortless they are to get the job done. A quick spray and wipe will keep your home and office clean and germ free. Gotham Chemical helps you every step of the way, so whether your a procrastinator or a speedster we have the solutions below to simplify your clean-ups. After, you finally can relax and find peace of mind in your clean home or office space.

Gotham Chemical offers Fast FREE Shipping, Competitive Pricing and Convenient Payment Options.

Cleaning Supplies

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